Travel From India To USA There was a time when people around the world used to come to explore India. It's been a long time since ...

International Travel From India To USA Blog (2020) - India to USA flight Time

Travel From India To USA

There was a time when people around the world used to come to explore India.

It's been a long time since then. As time passed, things changed!

So this time, I'm going to explore a country which is supposedly the power center in today's time!

I begin this journey from The Delhi Airport as well.

So this is exactly what I'll be doing in the United States. I'll try to showcase as many positive aspects as possible.

I'll try to share as many plus points as possible so that we can learn from the American culture and imbibe the positives in our lifestyle.

I'll be reaching USA with two layovers, first at UAE and the second at Italy.

International Travel From India To USA Blog (2020) - India to USA flight Time

The first flight is that of Jet Airways that will take me from Delhi to Abu Dhabi.

From there, Etihad Airways will take me to Rome.

And then Alitalia will take me to Boston in the United States of America!

It's 5:30 AM. Most of the people in the flight are still asleep.

That's why I am speaking very softly. Even I was asleep but woke up because of breakfast, a small breakfast!

So breakfast has arrived. And when you get to have breakfast at 35,000 feet above the ground, it feels really good!

I'll show you how it looks like.

It's 9:30 AM and the local time is 8:00 AM.

Abu Dhabi and India have a time difference of about 1.5 hours.

My next flight is with Etihad Airways to Rome in Italy.

An interesting thing to share with you all. The Abu Dhabi Airport is really beautiful. Apart from that, it is well equipped with facilities for transit passengers.

You can take a shower if you'd like to. On one hand is the Jeddah Airport and on the other is this, Abu Dhabi Airport, fantastic architecture and facilities!

International Travel From India To USA Blog (2020) - India to USA Airport

Abu Dhabi is the capital of United Arab Emirates (UAE). We often talk about Dubai, it's another amazing city. So right now, I'm in the capital of UAE, Abu Dhabi.

Delhi to Abu Dhabi in Jet Airways had a flight duration of 3.5 hours.

I feel, I am not able to deal properly with my credit and debit cards.

I always loose them!

I had lost a card on my Thailand trip.

I had lost my wallet on the Thailand trip.

A similar thing happened at the Jeddah Airport. My entire wallet was lost and that included my driving license and other things.

This time, I carried only one card (Axis Bank Debit Card). Since it's lost, I'm not sure how I'll manage things on my trip.

I was really worried. I tried searching everywhere but in vain. All I'm left with is the 100 USD that I had from before.

So right now I have around 6,000 Indian Rupees (100 USD) and I have to manage an entire month. No idea, how things will go about!

Boarding hasn't started yet, I guess.

I'm facing a few difficulties in handling my new set-up.

I forgot to tell you about my new set-up.

You might be experiencing a change in the video quality!

I'm using a new Canon camera.

And a gimbal.

Let's see how these devices work!

Currency exchange and food, many people around.

Seriously, a very nice airport!

It is as expected from a national capital!

Time for charging many devices!

Boarding hasn't started yet. In mean time, I thought, I should get my devices charged.

This gentleman told me where I could find charging points. I asked in English and he answered in Hindi. That was really good to hear! He is from Bangladesh.

This gentleman is Mohammad Akram.

I purposely interacted with him. That was to show you that you'll find many Hindi speaking people here in the Abu Dhabi Airport.

Many people from Bangladesh, Nepal, India and Pakistan work here.

My camera is low on battery. Need to charge it urgently.

This is the first time, I'm flying with Etihad Airways. From Abu Dhabi, I'll go to the capital of Italy, Rome.

The duration of the journey is 6 hours and 30 minutes. Unlike my expectations, the flight is almost full.

I'll share my Etihad experience with you soon!

I found something that I needed the most. The charge points!

So with Etihad Airways, I've arrived in the capital of Italy, Rome!

Welcome to Europe!

This is a transfer train from this terminal.

This is a transit train that is taking me to another terminal building.

This is similar to what I had experienced in Kuala Lumpur. And before I could finish, I've already arrived.

Learnt to say thank you in Italian!

This reminds me of Prague Airport. That was my first time in Europe, in September 2016.

That's my gate number.

During the time I was boarding, a person approached me and was asking about my camera setup. He really liked it, became very friendly and in fact, taught me more Italian!

So now it's time to board my flight to Boston!

It's 9:30 PM and finally, I have reached Boston!

Customs and Immigration formalities have been completed. So formally, I have made it to the United States!

Now, I'll share all the information regarding my flight and as to why did I take this course.

This is South Station.

This truly gives the American feel!

Travel From India To USA