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Lost Places in NRW

Discover the most exciting abandoned places in NRW
Would you like some action and excitement? Then go on a search for abandoned places and immerse yourself in an exciting past. In NRW you will find a variety of mystical buildings that allow you to experience historical times in a breathtaking way.
Many of these uninhabited places promise you goosebumps. Mysterious, gloomy and puzzling are just a few properties that await you. Below is a list of the top lost places in NRW.

1. Kokerei Hansa, Dortmund

You can visit the former coking plant Hansa in Dortmund completely legally. Where hard coal was made into coke (not the drug but the fuel) from 1928 to 1992, you can trace the industrial boom in the Ruhr area today.

Kokerei Hansa, Dortmund lost place

On the site you will find high towers, gigantic machines and again and again rooms that nature recaptures. In addition, the industrial monument is regularly the scene of various events.

2. Villa Oppenheim, Köln

Behind this magnificent name is the ruin of a stud. Around 1880 the Cologne banker Eduard Freiherr von Oppenheim bought a piece of land in Cologne-Fühlingen, on which he had a manor house and a stud farm with a horse racing track built. However, this was quickly flattened again and the manor house was partly torn down. 
Kokerei Hansa, Dortmund

The still standing ruin has been captivating "Urban Explorers" for years. How long the building will remain in this state is uncertain: The city of Cologne speaks repeatedly of various construction projects.By the way: The Palais du Rhin in Cologne's Bayenthal district is also known as Villa Oppenheim. However, it is largely intact and has been used for events in recent years. Now the villa is to be converted into several luxury apartments.


3. Villa Amalia, Wuppertal

From residential home to retirement home to film location: Villa Amalia in Wuppertal has undergone this development. From 1883 to 1884 it was built for the lawyer and politician Albert Neuhaus. Between 1976 and 2012, the villa then served as an old people's home.

Villa Amalia, Wuppertal

The building then stood empty for a few years before it was bought by an Aachen real estate company. They want to renovate the villa and then rent it out. Fans of the "Babylon Berlin" series could also know the villa: it served as a location for the third season.


4. Nato-Kaserne, Grefrath

The barracks at the former NATO site in Vinkrath exude military flair of the 1960s. American soldiers were stationed there until 1995, since then most of the 15 buildings on the site have been empty.
nato kaserne grefrath

There are also many ideas about what should happen with this: They range from a photovoltaic system to a retirement home or apartment building. Therefore, the following also applies here: Go there quickly if you want to experience the Lost Place near the Dutch border before the renovation.


5. „Geisterhaus“, Essen

The scariest place on this list is guaranteed to be an abandoned house near Essen, which is said to be haunted. The way there is adventurous: The house is hidden in a forest in Essen-Werden. Several legends have grown up around the shack - among other things, the former owner is said to have hanged himself there.
Geisterhaus“, Essen

Instead of ghosts, adventurers discover mostly old furniture, books, food and a lot of garbage inside. This is also shown by recordings like this:


6. Schlackebahn, Bochum

Another relic of the industry in the Ruhrpott is the slag train in Bochum. It was built and used in 1934 to remove the slag from the steelworks through an underground tunnel system.
Schlackebahn, Bochum

The tunnels, workshops and the air-raid shelter underground are rather oppressive. Devices and tools from times before the Second World War are still largely untouched here - the slag railway has been standing still since the 1980s.


7. Geisterdorf Immerath

Immerath is a victim of lignite mining: the district of Erkelenz has been relocated since 2006, numerous houses and the church have already been demolished. The few that are still standing are largely uninhabited.
Geisterdorf Immerath

The ghostly silence in the ghost village makes it a popular destination for lost-place hunters. By the way: The newly built Neu-Immerath is just eight kilometers away on the outskirts of Erkelenz.

8. Kent School, Schwalmtal

There is hardly a lost place in NRW that has such a tragic past as the former medical and nursing home Süchteln-Johannistal - also known as the Kent School. It was built in 1909 by the Franciscans, who set up a home there for mentally handicapped children and adolescents.
Kent School, Schwalmtal

A nightmare began for them from 1941: Under the Nazi regime, the disabled children were killed in the institution by starving to death or by regularly increasing doses of phenobarbital. About a hundred children died in the period. With appropriate respect, visitors should encounter the undoubtedly impressive building and its history. After the end of the war, the buildings were used as hospitals and hospitals, before serving as the British Kent School from 1963 to 1991. Since then they have been empty.
Entering the Kent School grounds on your own is prohibited. But: The owner of the property offers photo tours through the historic buildings. Cost of the four and a half hour tour: 45 euros per person.